The Kingdom of Heaven in a Puzzle

A children's message about first, last, and the Kingdom of Heaven. Here we find that, whether we are first, last, or somewhere in between, we are a piece of God's great picture for the world. Scripture reference: Matthew 20:1-16


Handling Conflict

How to handle conflict is something that is sometimes easier said than done, but we need to try - even with our siblings or the people that make it hard for us! Scripture reference: Matthew 18:15-20


Christian Witness

A Reflection on Christian Witness I tried something different this week. I took my children's message from last week and turned it into a devotion on Philippians 3:12-16 for Rather than posting both, I share the devotion with you here. I hope it gives you a minute to consider the witness of your life. Keep showing up for yourselves and others, even when it gets hard. Keep your heart and mind centered on God's transformative love for…


Holy Belonging

Belonging is a holy gift, grounded in our identity as a beloved child of God. As I worked on the children’s message this week, I knew I had to get a little more personal, which led me to two messages. One, utilizing the stories of some of our high school students, and the other, more from my personal story, directed to a little bit of an older audience. Continue to watch the videos.


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