A Nap & A Snack

I’ve been taking naps lately. I used to nap a lot when I was younger, but have since gotten out of the habit – until now. I think some of it has to do with the letdown that has come with the end of the-year-like-no-other. Some of it has to do with my recalibration to […]

Holy Belonging

Holy Belonging

Belonging is a holy gift, grounded in our identity as a beloved child of God. As I worked on the children’s message this week, I knew I had to get a little more personal, which led me to two messages. One, utilizing the stories of some of our high school students, and the other, more from my personal story, directed to a little bit of an older audience. Continue to watch the videos.

Be Gentle

This is a month that I’ve been really pushed to be gentle with myself. Myself. The person it has always been hardest for me to be gentle with. And every day I’ve been faced with a new lesson in it. It is humbling to realize how much I need it… I know there’s freedom and […]