Taking Children’s Church Home

Preparing for the Fall Kick-off season just wasn't the same this year. So much is in the air; particularly, when it comes to whether we are meeting in person or not. I knew that because my congregation was not meeting for in-person worship together during these fall months, I still needed to find a way for our kids to see each other, me, the church, and feel connected to an important tradition in their lives. With all of…


The Kingdom of Heaven in a Puzzle

A children's message about first, last, and the Kingdom of Heaven. Here we find that, whether we are first, last, or somewhere in between, we are a piece of God's great picture for the world. Scripture reference: Matthew 20:1-16https://youtu.be/9xH-vJTQ53Y


Handling Conflict

How to handle conflict is something that is sometimes easier said than done, but we need to try - even with our siblings or the people that make it hard for us! Scripture reference: Matthew 18:15-20 https://youtu.be/U-HkGOMKjPs


The Preciousness of God’s Kingdom

This children's message and devotion was made in response to Matthew 13:44-46. I found myself thinking about small, precious things and was led to one of my favorite mystics, Julian of Norwich. I was so happy to discover this lovely prayer practice from Episcopal priest, Matt Gunter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.https://youtu.be/BNKHTHUb2Jo


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