Sabbatical Begins

I have been looking forward to my sabbatical. The rest and recalibration has been necessary, but I have also been looking forward to spending some dedicated time with friends and colleagues about what life-long faith is really about. Along with interviews I will be making along the way, to go towards a podcast that I will launch this summer, my thoughts and conversations will also be guided by some reading.

The primary books I will be drawing from during my sabbatical are:


By title alone, I am sure you can imagine the powerful impact these books will have on my observations and conversations during my sabbatical time. Hope’s Young Disciples Ministry Team will join me in reading Lifelong Faith. We plan to use this during our summer conversations in preparation for the Fall Kickoff and new school year. I also plan to lead a book study group through Do I Stay Christian?, if not during the summer, sometime in the fall or winter. It is a challenging book that deserves deep thinking, listening, conversation, and community. I hope you will consider joining me in the book study when we have the dates and time set.

I leave this afternoon to spend some time at Luther Heights Bible Camp and help out with staff training. I look forward to the fresh, mountain air and time to get to know some of these young adults as they prepare for a summer leading our children and youth through some holy experiences. I know they come from a variety of backgrounds and bring with them unique understandings of how one lives a life of faith. They will be some of the first people I interview and cannot wait to hear what they have to share.

Please pray for me, my traveling companions, and all that we will have the opportunity to learn from during this sabbatical journey.

Visit the links above to learn more about the books I will be spending time with this month and feel free to subscribe to my blog for updates, share links with friends, and follow along on my sabbatical journey here.

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