Resource Junkie, Me.

I have always been a reader. I loooove to read. I – dare I say it – love school. Yes, there is even a family story about me jumping on my desk as a child to pronounce this love. Yes, inevitably, I have always been a nerd.
This love of reading and learning has been a strength in my life. It’s also allowed me to dig into my work as minister to youth, children, and families in a way that I would not be able to do without this unquenchable love of learning. This love offers me a gift I can share with the busy parents I work with. I get to research, absorb, dissect, pick, and choose the best resources to suit their lives. I get to wrestle through their questions, worries, and hopes with them. Then, I get to direct them to those resources that will meet them where they are and equip them in the ways they need most. Of course, it is in the practice that we really grow, but we need to the right tools to lay a strong foundation, and that is what these resources can be.
I jokingly call myself a resource junkie, but the reality is I will never get enough. As I have done with my Growing Young reviews and reflections, I hope to continue to use this space as a place to share my favorite resources for families. This is one small way I can use my gifts for others. This is one act of generosity that I hope will be helpful to those looking for a place to start, but don’t know where to begin.

This Lent, I am participating in 40acts. This post was created in response to Act 1.

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