I am Casey K. Cross

Life is short.
Don't forget to love.

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When All Else Fails, Listen

If you’ve been following along with the lectionary, you might be aware that a major theme of our recent gospel lessons has been prayer. It’s been a great opportunity to talk with our kids in the children’s message about the ways we pray and what happens when we pray. Far too often, we think of prayer as what we say to God. Far too often, prayer is described or used as a kind of wish list where we name all the ways we need God to do something for us. Neither of those two things are inherently wrong or bad, but they do limit what the gift of prayer might actually be.

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A Eulogy for a Friend

Though today is a day churning with a myriad of emotions, it is also a day that we recognize a beloved child of God and the ways she touched our lives. This is really what embracing each moment is all about, the realization that nothing is completely one thing or another – either all bad or all good. Life, the true gift of life, resonates in the tension of both/and.

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Everything Has Become New

I love how Paul describes being a Christian in this passage. He doesn’t use the word Christian, or some of our other more common descriptors like, disciple or person of faith, but he does use two terms that I think we could use a little more time considering – a new creation and ambassador.

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A Good Goodbye

It is one thing to talk about all the good that God can do through these changes and the power of transformation. It is another thing to live through it. It almost seems like every day we are experiencing some new way of experiencing change.

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calm lake

All the Days of My Life

How does the Spirit work like that? With such gentleness and calm, no matter how the whirlwind may rage, to guide us to the space we need to breathe. To be.

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I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day

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