light - God's HOPE changes everything

God’s HOPE Changes Everything

A reflection from Ben Miller, 10th grade.

Hope. What a fascinating concept. Desmond Tutu said, “Hope is being able to see the light despite all the darkness.” Being able to see the light in the dark. During the youth gathering I listened as half a dozen people stood in front of 30,000 high school students and told us about the most embarrassing mistakes and how they fought through them using hope. Even when they lost it for the longest times. Even when they couldn’t see God. God was there to let them see the light in the dark. Whether it was physical like drug or pill abuse, mental like starving yourself because you think you will never be good enough, or emotional like letting yourself fall because of what people say. God was there to let them lean on a stable arm. To hold out the light of hope for them to follow. These people told there stories and showed to 30,000 high school students that hope is alive in all of us. If you think about it we use hope everyday. You hope that it will hopefully cool down. You hope that your friends are here at church to greet you and talk with you. Even subconsciously like hoping the engine starts in your car when you drive home. As you can see the littlest of things require hope. They require god’s hope. Gods hope doesn’t just change one thing. It doesn’t even change just five things. It changes everything.

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