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Everyone gets lonely. It is normal to feel lonely, even in a crowded room. But we don’t need to leave people with that feeling. We can notice each other and pay attention to each other. We can introduce ourselves and ask each other what we are thinking or feeling. Feeling lonely can be really hard when it seems like everyone else is happy, especially during the holidays. This Advent, keep an eye out for the people on the edges, those who may be alone or especially withdrawn. Pray for them and find little ways to let them know you notice them and care about them.

Pray: God, help me notice those who may be . Be with those who are struggling. Comfort them so they know that they are not alone. Amen.

These simple, daily devotions are written by Casey Cross for Hope Lutheran Church as a supplement with Traci Smith’s Faithful Families Advent Calendar. All bible references are from the NRSV translation.

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