Celebrate Advent Simply 4

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.  – Psalm 136:1

Some days feel like we can never stop thanking God for all the good things that fill our lives while other days feel like it’s hard to even think of one thing. But guess what? It’s okay because God’s love endures forever. That means, God’s love lasts—no matter how we are feeling. If all else fails, God’s love never will, so give thanks for that!

Pray: God of Love, thank you for your love that lasts forever, no matter how we feel, on good days and bad. Help me share that kind of love with others. Amen.

These simple, daily devotions are written by Casey Cross for Hope Lutheran Church as a supplement with Traci Smith’s Faithful Families Advent Calendar. All bible references are from the NRSV translation.

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