Where I Am From

I am from wind, from sunglasses, and flip flops. I am from the land of cold ocean waves and sky-scraping treetops. I am from wildflowers, the bright, unexpected spray of poppies. I am from generosity and hard laughter, from Carlsons, Scelzas, Adcocks, McLaughlans, and Braithwaites. I am from loud-mouthed opinions and revolving-door hospitality. From, "You can do anything." And, "You are perfect just as you are." I am from the West, spaghetti and tacos. I am from wanderlust,…



Lemonade Lemonade Lemonade Have you been there? Have you tasted it? Woman the woman has Love Pain Fear Heat Crushing lemons to living water. Drink and never thirst again.


Crack Open the Moon

Crack open the moon let the stars fall out Sweep the sky with dusty light Break open - open wide And let the heart bleed life to the beat of wind on rock to the rhythm of rice swollen with water steaming with night ... I started with a line and let the drawing take me from there. The words came last.


I Am, I Was

The struggle of being too much and not enough. Too much because all my life I've seen you shrink back from my fire and freedom. Not enough because my heart has taken a long time knowing that the good in me is the good of God and that is always more than enough. I am Wisdom who fills me and leads me into every place. I am Brave and my song rings with every step of justice for all.


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