One of the most-used de-stressers of my life has been to make playlists. This started sometime in junior high and continues today. Although, with the beauty of streaming, most of my playlists have turned into personal radio stations (just hit shuffle) rather than the thought out process it used to be when I not only chose songs, but also paid careful attention to their song order and the ways they would blend into each other. Today I spent some time thinking about my favorite artists. I not only made a playlist, but I made it old school style, doing my best to blend each song into each other by style, beat, and intro/outro. These are some of my all time favorite songs. For Alltime I will love these songs. I’m also pleased with the way the mix turned out. Old and new songs that have impacted me and opened me up in some way to think deeply and differently.
Just hit play.

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