Advent is all about preparation. Preparation makes us think of work and doing and getting ready for something. There’s not much rest in imagining that. But there is also a point in our preparation where we realize there is nothing more we need to do but wait. Waiting can be restless and full of emotion, it can be boring and never seem to end, but in our waiting we are also given a moment to breathe. We are given a moment to realize what’s done is done and there’s nothing more we can do.
When you think about Christmas, what moment do you find yourself waiting for the most? That special moment in worship? That favorite meal you always share with family? Opening presents, or the look on a loved one’s face when they open their gift? Or maybe, you just wait for it to all be over and done with?
Honestly, I’m not quite sure what I’m waiting for right now. I have a feeling though, it’s something simple. I have a feeling, it might just be the moment where I recognize Emmanuel – God with us – in the life of a baby. Will it be the quiet moment where the baby is held close, or will it be in the forceful wail of life that only a baby can give? I’m not sure, but I’m waiting. I’m going to rest in the knowledge that no matter how good or bad I’ve been at this whole getting ready business, Jesus is coming. Jesus will show the way of love.

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