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Children's MessageHi! I’m glad you are here and thankful for whatever led you to my blog. Whether you are a fellow youth and family minister, a friend, or looking to grow in your own faith, I hope my devotions, ministry ideas, book reviews, resource assessments, and introspection may be a help to you.

I am a West Coast girl, growing up at different stages in my life in Southern and Northern California, as well as Washington. My theological and church background took shape from a life within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). I also had the privilege of studying at California Lutheran University and Wartburg Theological Seminary. Needless to say, the Lutheran well within me runs deep.

After some adventures in growing up and settling down, my husband and I now live in Idaho with our sweet, 15 year old eternal puppy, Lola. I am blessed to also have my mom (and designer of this website) living with us. I currently serve as Young Disciples Minister at Hope Lutheran Church. It is a privilege to accompany children, youth, and families as they grow in their faith.

Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

My profile picture was taken by the ineffable Rozella Haydée White. You should go check her out at https://www.rozellahwhite.com/.

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  1. Mark Fischer, Pastor at First Lutheran Church, Portage, Pa

    Thank you for your wonderful meditation on 1John 3:18-24 for Modern Metanoia. Many inspiring thoughts. When I read this passage, I thought of the song, We are One in the Spirit. Challenge in this time of COVID is how do we live faithfully in love when we aren’t gathering as the Body of Christ and when we are gathering, we are worried about our contact with another person and spreading this virus.

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