This is a month that I’ve been really pushed to be gentle with myself. Myself. The person it has always been hardest for me to be gentle with. And every day I’ve been faced with a new lesson in it. It is humbling to realize how much I need it… I know there’s freedom and grace in this at some point but right now it just feels like a fight to be gentle rather than to beat myself up, which is always the easiest. So “be gentle” is my mantra and I’m trying. Part of being gentle with myself includes not delving into all of my confessions, how much I’ve let myself and others down, how much I don’t deserve this gentleness… It’s hard work but life has taught me enough to know I’m worth it. So I’m being gentle.
…slow flow yoga and twists and sidebends and child’s poses
…devotion time
…mindful breathing
…self talk, “be gentle”
…taking the day slowly
I can do this. I can be gentle.
I saw this little picture the other day and it was just what I needed… Another good reminder.

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