I am Casey K. Cross

Life is short.
Don't forget to love.


The past five days have been soul-filling and joyful. I have had such a wonderful time reconnecting with my friends Stacey and Steven, the Pacific Coast, and myself. In a usual year, this would mark the end of my vacation time. I would be refreshed and ready to return to work. In a usual year, even though the rest of this day would be vacation, my mind would already be returning home, to what needs to get done, and whether or not I feel ready to accomplish it. With this being a month-long sabbatical, I am enjoying the realization that this is only the first third (ish) of my month, with even

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luther heights

Sabbatical Day 7

Today marks my first week of sabbatical and the gratitude has not stopped flowing from my heart! It has been a gift to

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Sabbatical Begins

I have been looking forward to my sabbatical. The rest and recalibration has been necessary, but I have also been looking forward to

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A Eulogy for a Friend

Though today is a day churning with a myriad of emotions, it is also a day that we recognize a beloved child of God and the ways she touched our lives. This is really what embracing each moment is all about, the realization that nothing is completely one thing or another – either all bad or all good. Life, the true gift of life, resonates in the tension of both/and.

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calm lake

All the Days of My Life

How does the Spirit work like that? With such gentleness and calm, no matter how the whirlwind may rage, to guide us to the space we need to breathe. To be.

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