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Life is short.
Don't forget to love.

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When All Else Fails, Listen

If you’ve been following along with the lectionary, you might be aware that a major theme of our recent gospel lessons has been prayer. It’s been a great opportunity to talk with our kids in the children’s message about the ways we pray and what happens when we pray. Far too often, we think of prayer as what we say to God. Far too often, prayer is described or used as a kind of wish list where we name all the ways we need God to do something for us. Neither of those two things are inherently wrong or bad, but they do limit what the gift of prayer might actually be.

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All Means All?

Paul writes about the Body of Christ with specificity, spending time naming overlooked and underestimated parts of the body and lifting up their value to the whole body. The passage ends with the assertion that we are made in our diversity to care for one another, to be stronger together.

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What You Pay Attention To Grows

Center, desire, and intention – these three components give us a lens in which to process our daily life and response to change. What, exactly, is getting my attention in the midst of this transition? Is it all of my stress? All of my fears, worries, or dislikes? How do I find my center? Where and when is my attention on God in the midst of all of this?

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The past five days have been soul-filling and joyful. I have had such a wonderful time reconnecting with my friends Stacey and Steven,

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Sabbatical Day 7

Today marks my first week of sabbatical and the gratitude has not stopped flowing from my heart! It has been a gift to

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Sabbatical Begins

I have been looking forward to my sabbatical. The rest and recalibration has been necessary, but I have also been looking forward to

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