Three in One (1/7)

This is the first of seven devotions I have written for d365 has been a favorite resource of mine for over ten years. It has been a privilege to write for them! Please visit the website for the full d365 experience PAUSE Our God is one - unity. Our God is three - diversity. Our God is three in one - mystery. LISTEN Psalm 8 (CEB) Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name throughout the earth!…


Faithful Families

  Faithful Families is a thoughtful, practical guide to teaching by doing - to integrating prayer, tradition, Scripture, and ritual into the routines of a normal, busy family. - Rachel Held Evans A few years ago I began a project that I called a 40 Day Sabbath, or A Sabbath Experiment. In this experiment, I spent time reading and studying the history of sabbath, other people's experiments with making the Sabbath a regular part of their lives, and…

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